Inspired by the farm-to-table movement and driven by our passion for growing and all things floral. We provide our local community with a healthier, eco-conscious alternative to the mass Australian grown and Imported chemical laden flowers.

Flowers grown with love using organic methods, the way nature intended, without the use of any toxic chemicals or pesticides.

Flowers that haven’t been shipped from the other side of the world, clocking up thousands of “flower miles” then fumigated before they end up on your table.

Flowers that are a little bit different from your everyday florist shop varieties. Gorgeous heirloom and un-usual flowers grown from seed, outside where the bees can appreciate them too. All carefully selected specifically for Cut Flowers to ensure good “vase life”, beautiful fragrance and strong healthy stems.

Our flowering season is from Spring to Mid Autumn. During this time we have an abundance of beautiful, fresh, chemical free blooms to offer. We deliver between Hartley and Hazelbrook.


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