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Soap Saver Pouch

Soap Saver Pouch

Soap Saver Pouch


This pouch has been a game changer for us!


Handmade soap can get a bit messy if it doesn’t dry out sufficiently between uses. This little pouch contains all that soap mess and allows the soap to dry out more effectively.


Eco friendly plant fibre Soap Saver pouches can be used as a 'soap saver', or as an exfoliating pouch for your regular soaps. When you have finally finished with the bag it is fully compostable. We recommend the bag is fully moistened for best effect for exfoliating and to create the most lather. The friction of the bag on the soap pieces inside creates a nice dense foam and sloughs away dead skin cells promoting blood circulation to the area.


Soap Saver Pouch is made from natural materials and features a wooden bead.


* Please note -does not include soap.

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