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Seasonal . Sustainable . Chemical Free

Inspired by the farm-to-table movement, we combined our passion for horticulture, my 25 years as a florist and my husband's dream of farming the land to start our very own flower farm after concerns the flowers I was handling daily were having an impact on my health, we begun researching the cut flower industry and were both shocked to read how harmful the industry is to us and the environment. We made a decision then and there to quit mainstream floristry and start growing our own flowers so we could ensure that they were free from harmful chemicals.


Our aim is to provide our local community with a healthier, eco-conscious alternative to the mass-produced, chemical-laden flowers that are often imported from other countries.


We grow our flowers using organic methods, without the use of any toxic chemicals or pesticides.


Our flowering season is from October to April, during which we have an abundance of beautiful, fresh, blooms to offer. We deliver our flowers between Lithgow and Wentworth Falls.

Celine and Tristan

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