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Sienet Sky Dicom Cd Viewer [April-2022]




nSupport for many DICOM modenFully integrated DICOM viewernVery fast DICOM viewer, supports DICOM moden/viewnDICOM viewer for Windows® SystemnView DICOM files, 3D views, view DICOM moden, automatic view DICOM moden/viewnDICOM viewer for Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 4 or ChromebrowsernKorvi's Freeview DICOM Viewer for Windows® SystemDICOM viewer for Win32® System1.x and 2.x versionSupports many DICOM modenBuilt-in DICOM parsernConveniently displayed images and movies without reconstructionPossibility to select view mode of the images and moviesDICOM Exporter for making ClipboardnExport to clipboard of DICOM image, DICOM movie and DICOM text 4When you click the button to import.dcm file, the DICOM Files dialog box appears. nChoose the file you wish to import and click the Import button. 5You have to choose a location for the imported DICOM Files. You can choose any location on your hard disk. 6Now you can see the imported files on the My Files menu. 7You can select the files and right-click them to send them to the Clipboard. 9 Import DICOM File by Drag and Drop To import DICOM files in the format of DICOM Files, you can drag and drop the DICOM files from your computer to the DICOM Viewer. Note: The image or the movie that you are trying to import may not show the true state of the DICOM file. This is because the DICOM file may contain either the original data, or data after conversion and compression to support transmission of the file. 1 Import a DICOM file with the Viewer Double-click the DICOM file and DICOM Viewer will open the file. 2 Import a DICOM file with Windows Explorer Press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Then drag the DICOM file on the Windows Explorer bar on the Taskbar. The DICOM file will be imported on the bar. 3 Import a DICOM file with Mac OS Press and hold the Command key on the keyboard. Then drag



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Sienet Sky Dicom Cd Viewer [April-2022]

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